A buzzing feeling… SPARK Health

Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and you know something big is going to happen?  You just have that buzzing feeling…a little anxiety, a few butterflies, wide eyed…mostly excitement.  Well today is one of those days for yours truly.

As a clinical community pharmacist I pride myself on using all the tools and resources available in today’s marketplace.  I do my best to take advantage of the many dashboards that claim to help with “my star ratings”.  It can be tough sometimes working efficiently through different portals.  And let’s face it all of these dashboards have different passwords!  Some have to be updated every few weeks!  I mean seriously I spend a significant amount of time attempting logins and then I think “wait what am I doing this for?”

The reason I am doing this is for my patients.  I want to do anything in my power to improve their outcomes.  The star ratings system, the medication therapy management claims, the pre and post edits on my dispensing software … they are actually all part of this new age of practicing pharmacy.  Ensuring the safety of your patients has always been part of the deal.  Making interventions, contacting the prescriber and documenting has also been in our history.  Others have now given us a way to mark it all down on specific programs.  Is this the future?  I say no.  I say that’s the same ole thing just prettied up and packaged differently.

What I am excited to announce today is the future of the clinical community pharmacist. SPARK health powered by Creative Pharmacist just announced today the launch of their app.  SPARK health is in the simplest term the ultimate center or nucleus if you will of the modern day pharmacist’s daily practice.

We have heard for years about the patient center care model.  SPARK is a dual log in dashboard for both the patient and the pharmacist.  A patient can enter daily weights, blood pressure or glucose readings and access many recipes and exercise mixers based on their own personal disease states or preference.  The patient can send notifications to their pharmacist and check in regularly.  What does this have to do with us, the pharmacist?  EVERYTHING

The word in practice today is adherence.  Well yeah.  If we dispense a medication and a patient does not take it, it does not work.  Nothing has changed here.  No matter what type of program you follow…you must educate your patient and consistently monitor them.  SPARK health will host a concise medication list.  Here’s your proof this is the dashboard of the future.  According to Mr. Joe’s last few check ins via SPARK health his blood pressure has been running abnormally high.  Next screen according to SPARK health he has not had his lisinopril filled in 37 days.  SPARK health will put together nice visual graphs for the patient to see…and how about the physicians.  How many times dose a physician connect with you to discuss fill dates and you are scanning through your dispensing software looking for anything recent.  Let SPARK health organize all the important data for you.  Let it be your type of charting.  Let it be your connection to your patients.  Let it be your favorite new recipe finder :)))

I cannot illustrate everything in this blog post.  It could go on for a long time!  For more information please click here or contact the team info@creativepharmacist.com  Thanks for letting me share this.  I believe in the clinical community pharmacist.  I believe we must innovate and create in order to stay relevant.  I’ll put down the coffee now as I stated earlier I’m already buzzing from excitement.  Don’t want to overdue it…it’s only Tuesday!


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