Pharmacy…It’s a man’s world… and a Woman’s…

I saw a tweet today that definitely got my wheels turning.  This is one of those posts you contemplate the remorse that may come after the fact.  I saw a post about #WomenInHealth Day or something.  I didn’t get past the feed…honestly…that’s what you guys love most about me right?  So I am a professional woman.  I am also a traditionalist.  This will not be a men versus women post.  This is a post about some of my latest adventures and lessons I’ve learned.

First of all, I recently changed my name.  My husband and I were married in Disney this summer.  It was a magical experience that may need to be explored in a later post!  Back to the point at hand.  I have fielded many questions lately about the name change. I don’t mind.  Again did I mention I got married in DisneyWorld?  I have had many people suggest I keep my name for professional recognition.  I appreciate the advice and understand the need to not “shake up my career”.  Here’s the truth.  I read a book recently, High Wire Mom by Kendra Smiley.  Kendra brought up many great points.  The biggest takeaway for me was her list of priorities.  Jesus.  Husband.  Children.  Work.  Other good things.  I value my marriage and want to take my husbands last name.  It represents something more important to our family.  I do not discredit any women out there choosing to keep their maiden names.  I get it.  I just choose to take the chance in my professional career.  My hope is people understand that my words and my works for the profession of pharmacy have not changed.  By the way, you can just call me Pharmacist Jamie.

Continuing on with the profession, I have had the absolute honor of speaking at many conferences and meetings this year.  It as been amazing and I am extremely grateful.  Admittedly I have been a bit intimidated at times.  I walk into the rooms and see 70% to 80% male attendance.  Leaders in pharmacy have traditionally been men.  It is not easy to stand on a stage and sound authoritative.  But you know what?  I believe in what I’m saying.  The nerves settle when I take a deep breath and hold my head high.  These men are receptive.  I have made so many great connections and felt welcomed into every environment.  Our pharmacy colleges are graduating 60% females Doctors of Pharmacy currently.  These women can do some amazing things.  I would like to be a role model or maybe even a story teller for them.  Many of these women are opening up their own pharmacies and becoming the true healthy heart of their communities.

I told you guys it wouldn’t be a men versus women post.  I respect the sexes.  We are both here for a reason.  We can compliment each other very well given we respect each other.  I do not like reading the articles titled “Men freeze women out of the workplace”.  Seriously, it was an article claiming men kept offices at a colder climate to force women to wear sweaters.  The study involved 6 women.  Yes, a study with 6 women.  This is so counterproductive.  Let’s embrace the idea of building on each other’s strengths.  Women can multitask and are extremely caring by nature…a great combination for a pharmacist.  Men are natural born leaders and usually very driven…another great combination for a pharmacist.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I think it is important to acknowledge the works of all the rockstar pharmacists out there.  I do not believe it’s a man’s world nor do I believe women in pharmacy should form a support group.  I think the voices should join and I bet we could make some beautiful music!

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