Cleaning out the closets

It is September 22. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the weather, watching football games and holidays are just around the corner. The last thing on anyone’s mind is probably “spring cleaning”. Well, what I do may not be considered cleaning…we do some cleaning out.

This weekend we spent quite some time organizing the boys’ rooms. We made piles of toys and clothes to give to other children. We reorganized drawers and closets. Even separating super heros and legos into designated buckets. There were many groans and grimaces. I spent my time overseeing the activity as well as actually putting things where they go. As Sunday evening approached my 10 year old literally put his hands on his hips, looked at his room and said “You know…sometimes it feels good to get things in order.”

Now remember I live in a home with 4 males. My husband, two children and our newest addition, Ghost, the mini Australia Shepard. The boys spent their time upstairs cleaning out their rooms. My husband begrudgingly attempted to begin cleaning out the office closet. He pulled out electronics from decades ago. I had to laugh. He almost had a tear in his eye when he showed me his 6 disc CD changer. He asked what we should do with it. I tried to understand the sentimental value, but quite honestly could not understand keeping this piece of equipment hanging around. The more he dug, the more energized he became. Seriously. He could not believe the space we were creating. By Sunday evening he had moved all of our Christmas decorations in the office, bagged up things for GoodWill, made a trash run and finally found a place for my filing cabinet…yes I have a file cabinet. No judging. I love my Mac but sometimes you just have to have a place to put paper! The football game was on in the living room…he walked in…looked at me and said “You know…that’s not what I wanted to get into this weekend…but man am I glad I did.”

I am not claiming to be the neatest person. My desk can sometimes start looking like a library, gym or daycare center. I do believe in organization. I think in order to get to where you are going you must have your duckies in a row. How do you know what you have to work with if you can’t see it? As always, this could tie back to your pharmacy. Do you have some closets you need to clean out?

How many of you look around and wonder why you have notes taped up behind your computer or piles of manufacturer coupons? Clean it out. Make your space what you want it to be. Your workspace can be different. What do your patients see when they enter your pharmacy? Do they see a health or wellness center or do they see paper stacked all over the place and a poster from 1997 on the wall? We will talk about deep cleaning some other time. I challenge you to spend this upcoming weekend or next few days getting your pharmacy in order. I know you have a million things to finish…filing, you have that audit coming up, getting ready for flu season. However, think about what that patient sees when they come in for a flu vaccine. Let’s get the closets cleaned out first! I bet you will feel accomplished and reenergized. Sometimes it takes getting rid of something old to prepare for something new.

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