Like many of you pharmacists out there I sometimes have to take a break and reassess my direction.  I call this my RePhresh period.  Any profession, any career needs to pivot at the correct time.  We hear the ‘healthcare landscape is ever changing’ and if ‘we don’t have a seat at the table’….blah, blah, blah.  I get just as tired of hearing that spill as you do.

During my RePhresh period, I took time to connect with practicing community pharmacists.  This is after all my continued hope for collaboration among our profession.  I almost felt like I have been shooting a Vice documentary over the past year.  Working with individuals across the states and truly tailoring programs to fit their community has been phenomenal.  After a long period of working hard with these other practicing pharmacists we have developed true workable, reimbursable models.  It has been RePhreshing (I know I can’t stop).  We got past the ‘WHY’ we need to practice differently and got into the ‘HOW’ are we going to practice differently.

Outcomes based models are really not as scary as one may think.  We are all sitting and waiting for the CMS Enhanced MTM pilot to kick off in January….wait, sitting?  There’s our issue again.  We collectively choose to sit back time and time again waiting for our marching orders.  Eleven states will be included in this Enhanced MTM pilot.  I say we all follow a similar pattern and adjust to this style of documentation.  If you have been to any conferences recently you have heard about care plans and intervention documentation.  We rely on the same leaders in our profession to give us specifics on how to do this.  What platform do we use?  How often do we meet with our patient?  Should we change software vendors?  When do we have the time?  The questions are so predictable.  And I will say I am so thankful for the leaders within community pharmacy to be role models and share their best practices.  However, if we truly get to the root of their response the answer is always the same…take good care of your patients.  

That is it.  Plain and simple.  Take good care of your patients.  Nothing groundbreaking.  Take good care of your patients and document the ‘HOW’.  This may include updating your blood pressure machine, purchasing a new scale for the pharmacy or investing in new technology.  I am not asking you to completely turn the way you meet patients upside down…I am asking you to build on this piece by piece.  Tailor your data collection to your patients.  Prove that increased medication adherence rates combined with disease state education show decreased BMIs or blood pressure readings.

You can go back through my past posts and see the desire to tell our story and the WHY we need to stay relevant.  We do take good care of our patients.  People are listening now.  It’s time to put up or shut up!  Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so blunt.  But there it is.  Take good care of your patients and document the HOW.  Here’s to kicking off a new round of posts from yours truly, PharmacistJamie!

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