I am a licensed Pharm D in Louisiana and Mississippi and a Clinical Community Pharmacist Consultant with Creative Pharmacist still practicing part time in Mendenhall, MS.  I am seeing the need for change in my profession – a real update in the way we approach medication management, patient care, and the we market our businesses and our skill set. Pharmacy is one of the most trusted professions in our country, but we’re falling behind the curve compared to other sectors of health care. It is my hope that this website will help to spur other pharmacists to take a new, innovative, and creative approach to what they do. Thanks for visiting!

Look forward to hearing from you. #Pharm2TableSummit #Ph2T2015

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  1. Jamie, you are right on target. I believe the forward thinking pharmacy owner will be offering fee-based services that customers are seeking and willing to pay. Most of us want to live a healthier life and the pharmacist is the best source for information and advice. Trying to increase your income by filling more traditional scripts is unsustainable in my opinion. The system is not on your side.

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