Counterintuitive… or is it? Premium care leads to lower costs, higher revenue, or…

… “Fail fast, fail cheap – applying the entrepreneur model to 21st century pharmacy.”

If you participate in a Startup Weekend, work with a business incubator, or spend much time at all around 21st century entrepreneurs, you will learn quickly that the model for success in this new economy is rooted in failure.

Oxymoronic?  Counterintuitive? Countermoronic??? Maybe. It also happens to work.

everyone-will-become-entrepreneur-610When I say that the model is rooted in failure, what that means is the mantra of the entrepreneur is “fail fast, fail cheap.” This actually isn’t a new idea. It’s the same notion that Thomas Edison took when subscribing to the notion that every failure of the new fangled electric light bulb was just one step closer to the solution. The trick was to accomplish these “failures” as cheaply as possible and spend a minimal amount of time doing so. The question is, how can we apply this model to 21st century pharmacy?

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “But Pharmacist Jamie… we’re pharmacists, not entrepreneurs. We’re not founding tech companies… we’re not developing  apps that let you put things ‘on the line‘… we are health care providers, not entrepreneurs.”

Yeah. Let me know how that works out for you. In the meantime I’ve got a suggestion: Read more

The rising tide will save us from Pharmacy Island. Or…

…how social media is and is not useful for pharmacists.

I was scared. My Linked In profile didn’t have a photo, I didn’t have a Facebook page (ok, still don’t), and I failed to see any use whatsoever in Twitter. I made fun of “blogs.” I was working away on my little island and thought everything was fine.

Only it wasn’t fine. And I knew it. You know it, too. We talk about how our profession isn’t as valued as it once was. How we’ve lost ground in the minds of our patients and how we’re devalued in the hierarchy of modern health care.

So what was the answer? Well I hate to say it but I thought the answer was – as do most pharmacists – to figure out how to do it better than you. And by YOU I mean other pharmacists at other pharmacies. It’s no secret that we’re in a competitive business. Independents hate retail. Retail hates mail order. We’re all competing against each other, so I needed to figure out how to do it better than you. Read more

Would you like fries with that?

I vacillated long and hard about writing this post, much less it being my first post on my new website. Truth is, there’s a good chance it’s going to tick some of you off. And I say “tick” because I promised Google this would be a “PG” website.

We pharmacists today, in general, bemoan the fact that we’ve been relegated to second-class citizenship in the nation of health care providers. We like the salaries we draw. For the most part we like the hours we keep. We do not like how far we have fallen in terms of value within the patient’s hierarchy of trusted treatment experts.

It has struck me, however, that the problem doesn’t really exist with patient perception but rather with our value proposition. Health care and patient management have undergone tremendous evolution over last 30 years in practically every part of the sector. Every sector except the pharmacy. Read more