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I’m going all in

I usually try and keep my posts as relevant to pharmacy practice as possible. This post is not that far off base. I do hope you will follow me.

This holiday season has been a very out of the ordinary one for me. I lost a very dear friend of mine. He was only 44. I want to talk about him for just a moment. I do not want to dwell on his illness or the past few months but rather on his spirit. Myles was a gambler. He was always looking for the next bet. The only time I ever saw him lose his cool was at ME in a Texas hold-em style card game. Myles did not like for anyone to “go all in” on cards unless your hand was appropriately suited. Once I went in on a 2 4 off suit and beat him on the flop card. He did not like that! Was not the way it was supposed to go! He threw his cards down and stormed off as I giddily swept up his poker chips. I will always remember that night. I beat Myles at his own game. I did not follow the so-called “rules” and the outcome was not what anyone expected. Read more