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When you’re on a holiday…You can’t find the words to say…All the things that come to you

On a island in the sun…we will be playing and having fun

I think the kooky 90s band, Weezer, has nicely summed up my feeling for this summer!  I have so many ideas and so many things coming through my mind.  It is hard sometimes to organize all of them and get down on paper.  Honestly having my two boys at home this summer wanting to play in the pool, throw frisbee and paint with me (a new venture ) has been, well shall we say, a happy distraction (but distraction nonetheless).  I am not ashamed though.  We wear so many hats.  The pharmacist hat is not always the most important.  Take the time this summer to reconnect with your loved ones, make a plan for your pharmacy, do some team building with your co-workers.  This summer may be the perfect chance for you to explore your way to #ReThinkPharmacy.

Transitions can be difficult and will definitely not always be perfect.  Like most of you, I am a product of my profession.  When something does not go according to plan I see a complete atomic meltdown in the future. I’ve often thought that the ancient eruption on Santorini (another island in the sun) was a direct result of an ancient Greek pharmacist not being able to get Zofran to go through their Minoan health care plan.   In our pharmacy when the computer system would go down ….AHHHH.  You are then explaining to patients that you are not sure how long will be before you can check their profile, you see the baskets stacking up, you hear the phones ringing constantly because the IVR is now down as well.  Do I need to go on?  The day is RUINED!  You will never catch up.   Just soon hang it up, lock the doors and go home before…BOOM!!! Read more